Tornado BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber

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A compact powerful auto scrub floor machine, Tornado BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber will quickly clean most any hard surface floor with rotating brushes that spin at 660 RPM in a 16" scrubbing path. Capable of cleaning over 4000 square feet per hour, the easy to handle Tornado BR16/3 auto scrubber makes fast work of maneuvering in tight spaces and small rooms such as in doctor offices or veterinary clinics and fitness centers. The BR 16-3 operates forward and in reverse for maximum efficiency. This autoscrub floor machine measures 21in x 19in x 15in and can be fitted with scrub brushes for light to heavy duty floor cleaning, finish removal and for cleaning grouted tile with hi-low grout brushes. Standard features include sturdy, removable transport wheels, a 2-chamber tank system for cleaning solution on one side and dirty solution on the other. an integral vacuum system that pulls cleaning solution and rinse water from the floor, into the recovery tank, so no standing water is left on the floor and floor dry time is faster. Ideal for cleaning textured & rubber floors.

  • Average productivity: 3,200 square feet per hour
  • Removable two-chamber tank holds 3 gallons of cleaning solution or rinse water and 3 gallons of dirty solution or water
  • Vacuum system for removal of heavy cleaning solution and rinse water
  • Adjustable brush pressure for different types of cleaning or stripping jobs
  • Large, removable transport wheels
  • Machine weight: 67lbs

For more information on this floor machine, reference the Tornado BR 16/3 brochure and BR16-3 User Manual.

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