About Hilway

  • 29th Mar 2023

    Getting a Quote from Hilway is Easy

    When you need a quote for Hilway Primo HP, Satin Floor Finish, or another Hilway product, and you'd rather not have to pick up the phone and call, you can place items into a shopping cart on hilway…

  • 29th Mar 2023

    Why Shop Hilway Direct Floor Maintenance Products?

    At Hilway Direct, our team strives to provide quality products and top notch service so you can spend less time shopping for floor care supplies and more time focused on your business. If you know…

  • 29th Mar 2023

    Is Buying Direct from Hilway Right for Your Business?

    Hilway offers scaled discounts for bulk purchasing of case quantities and pallet purchases. Creating an account with Hilway by Floorguy Supply unlocks access to account level pricing so you can b…